Weltman, Weinberg & reis Co., L.P. A.

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Weltman, Weinberg & reis Co., L.P. A.

Weltman, Weinberg & reis Co., L.P. A. Fake summons, no signature on certified usps mail, harrasment cleveland Ohio!!. This company sent me a summons for a minor car accident two years later, it Happened in a no fault state, in which I no longer live, he walked away with no injuries and etc. Well now his insurance is suing me. Which is all good and well. But I was sent paperwork in the mail 6 months ago that stated if I didn’t respond in 21 days their would be a judgment against me and I’d have to pay. Well today I checked my mail and found a slip from USPS that said “sorry we missed you” And stated a time and date and checked off they couldn’t leave the letter from a “Leonard rancilio” Because a signature was required and because I was at work at the time of course I didn’t not sign it yet the slip was in my mail box along with the letter which contained the letter from Leonard rancilio, court officer. Which was a summons. Without my signature. Even after tracking the package on the website it said they tried to drop it off at 2pm and failed to drop it off but would try again at 8pm but I got home at 6pm and Che ked the mail and it was there. Without my signature. I didn’t hear anything from this car accident until two years later. The court documents look fake. The stamp on the papers isn’t raised. I have been harassed, cussed out, I get 5 or more calls a day from multiple different numbers but it’s them. I’m a single mother making 11$ an hr. They are ruthless and cold

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