Weirton Police Department

Phone: 3042158666

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Weirton Police Department

Weirton Police Department Arrested, took daughter’s tv, and force us out of our house. weirton West Virginia!!. My husband was arrested because my neighbors broke into a daycare and stole a TV. The police came looking for my neighbor and they said it was not him and pointed the finger to us. The police asked to search and we said ok knowing we did not have a stolen TV in my house. The cops seen my daughter’s flat screen and took it. A few minutes later arrested my husband. He had the tv at the pawnshop on Friday and the tv was stolen the following Monday. My husband had to post bail to get out after about 4 -5 days in jail. When he was in there the police came back and said I had to leave my house. While I was gone my neighbors broken in stole many things and broke in many times trashed my home and keep breaking and stealing the things that I did fix. I can’t even call and report it because they believe my neighbors who are drug dealers and narcs for them. I can’t even go to my house without the neighbors taking pictures and calling the cops. They will not give us back the tv and everything I own was stolen.

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