Weedman Stayner

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Weedman Stayner | Misleading Advertising, Shady Business Practises

I was fully prepared to give Weedman a shot and bought their Spring lawn care package (fertilization, weed control and lawn analysis) through a wagjag promotion for $139 (60-70% discount). They came out and gave me a quote for spring weed control $265 and fertilization $63, but I had already paid for that through WagJag. Then they tried to tell me my lawn is larger than 6000 sq feet- which it is not. Even if it was my price should not be more than double. then they tried to tell me the coupon was for “spot” weed control and they quoted me on a full spray. Nonsense there was nowhere on the quote for spot control. They also quoted me on treatments for the rest of the season, which is fair. My issue is 1. they aren’t willing to provide the service that they sold to me and or 2. If the service is not what they said it is they are misleading the public with their advertising. Beware, if they aren’t honest upfront it doesn’t speak well for anything else: are they going to be honest about what they have or have not put on your lawn?

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