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I was looking for a home on Craigslist. I kept running into homes through webrentz. I called and talked to their Lakewood CO office a few times. I was told that they work directly with landlords and and how nice their landlords are. I was also told their landlord sign up with them for free service and that you cannot find their listings anywhere else So I went in and paid them 50$ to use their site. I went on the site and there were only 3 listings all of whom I called we’re property management companies. They said they felt sorry for me and they were a scam and I needed to try and get my money back. All they do is look up listings ( same as you can on your own) and give them to you. Some of which are not even real rentals. When I called the man in the office was so rude to me. He refuses to give me my money back and hung up on me. Trust me do not use them!

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  1. Yanira Sloter May 25, 2020

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