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Webmediworld Park Scammed me out of $300 and no order sent Internet!!. I was told I had to pay for order with iTunes gift cards. I paid $300 in iTunes cards I bought. I was then given a bogus fedex tracking number. I called fedex and they said it was not a real tracking number. I tried calling probably 25 times with no answer. I also sent 3 contact forms online. I tried to email but their server does not allow recipients. I did call from my husband’s phone and park immediately picked up so I knew he either blocked my number or screened my calls. He acted like he didn’t know what happened and said he would look into the package info and call me back, which he never did even though I made him swear on his mother’s life. He is now not picking up calls from mine or my husband’s phone. This is actually my third scam in the past two weeks. What is wrong with this world? How can you face your family if you scam people who have no money due to payment and have a negative checking account? How does he sleep at night. Park is completely deplorable.

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