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weblinkindia.net Rohit ; Aushotosh Dubey & Manager Charan Solanski ! Website Builder ; never finished job after nickle and diming me to Death ! Electronics-plus.net was never completed correctly at all ! Kept asking for more and more money when all work should have been done ! Delhi Del Hi!!. Started trying to build a website with weblinkindia.net ! I payed upfront for most and payed remainder ; to find out they needed money for SEO and to supposedly it was 500 dollars & so i payed that ! Then they wanted $350 to apply Shopping Cart & then they needed $500 more to make all operational ! I wrote about their work before ; i kept trying to get things done and no one to help me resolve ! I asked for refund many times when i could see work on project was going terrible ! I wanted my website done properly ; so i kept trying to deal with them , with no success to this day ! Thanks & please help out if you can ; Joseph Lara sr.

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