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WB TECHNOLOGY INC. POGO SUPPORT SPECIALIST SAMUEL ANDERSEN, POSING AS A POGO COMPUTER TECH SPECIALIST RIPPED ME OFF FOR $405.00.!!. On May 21, 2018, I was experiencing problems with my pogo games and problems also with my computer. I contacted pogo Customer Service Technical Support at 800-979-9206 for assistance. I spoke with Samuel Andersen and he said he was affiliated with WB Technology Inc. and he would assist me with the technical support I need as well as the pogo games. I was using Geek Squad (which is associated with Best Buy) as my technical support people, but when I spoke with Sam and also someone by the name of Kevin, they seemed to be on the up and up so I decided to give them a try. Kevin, if that was his name, said the fee would be $200 for the technical support repair. He said I would have to pay by check, which I did, and he printed me a receipt. I gave him my checking account number and routing number. He performed the repair and I supposedly had a one year guarantee and was told if Ihat if I had any problems whatsoever that I was to contact him @ 844-438-4878 or Samuel Andersen @ 781-656-7942. I received a call from Kevin 05/23/2018 saying that someone had hacked into my computer. He took over my computer and showed me that someone from Mexico was using pogo with my ID. He said that happened because I did not have computer security. He charged me another fee of $100 for the computer security and supposedly cleaned up my computer, got rid of the person from Mexico using my ID, and assured me that would never happen again. Then again on September 6, 2018, I received a call from Samuel Andersen saying my computer needed a clean-up. This clean-up consisted of Drivers Upgrade for $49.99, new product key installion for $49.99 and lastly 5 years total protection and service for my computer. This costed me $105 of which I paid with my debit card. Non of this money I can recover because I did not use a credit card with fraud and scam protection. So on November 26, 2018, I began experiencing problems with my computer again. I could not get into my emails, chrome was not working properly, could not get into ITUNES and some other problems. I called Samuel Andersen only to find out that number is not a working number. I called Kevin at WB Technology Inc. and left a message at this 844-438-4878, of which I probably will never hear from again. I also sent an email which I probably will never receive an answer.. I called pogo Customer Service @ 800-979-9206 and asked to speak with Samuel Andersen, I was told by David Muller that they have a Sam working there, but no Samuel Andersen. He wanted to know the purpose of my call and I explained to him all the things I mentioned above. He told me that I had been scammed. There were no information in their system of me having a technical support contract with them. I told David Muller, pogo Technical Support Specialist, atleast he said that is his title, that these people had to work for POGO because they did not call me, I called them. David said it is unfortunate that happened but he would be able to assist me in repairing my computer. The only thing though, it costed me $299.99. He repaired my computer and said it is just for one year warranty and security and anytime anything goes wrong with my computer, I am to give him a call. I sincerely hope and pray that I have not been taken again. I called pogo Customer Service at 800-979-9206 to verify that David Muller is an employee of their’s and he answered the phone. I explained to him that I was checking to make sure that I was not being scammed again and wanted to verify he is who he says he is. Someone called me after I hung up saying they were calling for a survey to see how satisfied I was with the work done on my ccomputer. I do not know where they are located, but they are orientals and they all sound alike on the phone. I am posting this because I do not want this to happen to anyone else. One thing I learned from this entire process is if you are ging to pay, always and I mean always, use a credit card that have fraud and scam protection. Never use a debit card or pay by check.

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