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Waynes World Home Amusements

Waynes World Home Amusements Waynes World AmusementsWaynes World Arcade Business took a deposit and delayed delivery Twice. Won’t refund complete deposit despite not performing to contract Pierson Florida!!. Horrible experience. Too bad I cannot give less than one star. Ordered this machine on 15 May 2017, with the understanding that it would take about 3 weeks to build and deliver. I was good with this. Wayne requested 1/2 deposit. Delivery date of 10 June 2019 was agreed upon. On 09 June 2017, received a phone call stating that it would not be delivered Saturday. Wayne indicated that he had been in the hospital, but would have it to us Wednesday Morning (14 June 2017). Told him I was fine with this, but it needed to be done this morning as we were preparing for my daughters HS graduation party. Wayne told me he would call me Tuesday to make arrangements for the delivery the following day. Tuesday comes, and he calls. I ask him what time the following day that he will be here. He then tells me that the machine would not be delivered until Friday. i have no availability on Friday, as I made arrangements to be at my home on Wednesday for delivery. He says “Well, sorry, that is the best we can do”. Stated that the machine hadn’t even been finished and indicated that I wanted a refund of my $625.00. He agreed that he would do it. Entire day, no refund. My wife called the following morning to inquire if he could in fact deliver it on Friday, as her schedule had changed. Wayne indicated that because of all the confusion, that he wasn’t going to do business with us. She asked him about the refund. He stated that we would be getting very little money back as he was going to charge us a restocking fee. So, after two blown appointments of delivery, and his deciding that he wasn’t going to deliver the machine in the end, he decided that he is due a “restocking” fee. This guy is a crook. Don’t do business with him. Guess I should have read the other reviews before doing business with him.

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