Wayne E. Kenney Builders, LLC

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Wayne E. Kenney Builders, LLC

Wayne E. Kenney Builders, LLC, Wayne E. Kenney Contractor Poor workmanship and substandard material left our shop destroyed Manchester New Hampshire!!. We hired Wayne E Kenney builders, LLC to build our store after we leased the space. Wayne Kenney came in and reviewed the plans and was very confident that he would have the build our completed in 90 days including all the necessary permits. He demanded a significant advance to get extra people to meet the time line. As soon as the check cleared, he disappeared. The crew he hired did not speak any English and they destroyed the structure, they did not get the proper permits and went over the timeline by additional 3 months. We were fined for lack of permits and were required to redo the entire build out due to shoddy and substandard work. There were exposed wires behind the walls. Skipped insulation under the floor and in the walls. Electric sockets were connected to nothing. It was a nightmare and almost drove us to bankruptcy. He has threated my business and my family if we file a complaint and tried to extort more money to fix his own mistakes and held us hostage by intentionally not finishing the work until we paid him more money and then finished in a hurry, leaving the office in shambled and disappearing.

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