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Waterloo Nissan | The biggest joke in the car dealer industry

“To take our customers to an unprecedented level of satisfaction – Therein lies the success of Waterloo Nissan and its employees.”…Ian Murdoch, Presidentthat statement is the biggest joke in the car dealer industryand here’s one example as to why;I purchased my truck in Nov/07 for 20K and a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire trade in.less than 2 weeks later, I had to bring it back to Waterloo Nissan for items overlooked during the Safety Inspection;1. parking brake not operating2. severe alignment issueOn Jan 8/08, I had it back in for what turned out to be a wheel balance, scheduled maintenance and another problem which as it turns out was something I had requested three times prior to purchase to be fixed – “An engine coolant leak”after having the items missed in the Safety addressed, the Sales Mgr apologized profusely…. and I accepted it.Upon having it back on Jan 8, Nissan refused to honor the cost of repairing the still present Engine Coolant Leak and asked I speak to the Gen Mgr when she returned on Jan 14 – Today.Once again I was refused to have the Leak fixed. I brought it to her attention that it was an item I listed when writing up the Purchase agreement and had brought to the Salesman’s attention at the road test, day of purchase and the day before pick up – each time of which I was assured it is/would be addressed.Her response was that it was never written into the contract and therefore would not be covered by them.Apparently, this Salesman didn’t write my list of items I requested to be repaired/addressed, into the contract and as luck would have it, he no longer works there.My explanation from the Gen Mgr(knowing I was quite perturbed) goes like this:***the Wheel Balance is a separate issue from the the steering issues not found during the Safety Inspection – Are they both not a Steering problem? ***No comment regarding why it was passed tru the Safety Inspection with existing problems***it was my lack of diligence for not following up on the Coolant Leak after requesting it be fixedThe only lack of diligence I could identify, was the inability to deliver a road worthy vehicle to the Purchaser. I intend to track down the Sales Agent and try to have him admit to my concerns/requests prior to driving off the lot. lets see what he is made of? Is there no Integrity at Waterloo Nissan????

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