Walter Cooksey Christian Carpenter

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Walter Cooksey Christian Carpenter

Walter Cooksey Christian Carpenter Walter Cooksey ran off with my money and didn’t fix anything in my house. He didn’t even come back with the material. MISSOURI CITY Texas!!. Rev. Walter Cooksey was brought over to my house by another contractor who is also a con artist Mark Johnson to do some Sheetrock work and siding. Mr. Cooksey ask for a down payment of a large amount and said they would start the next day. I didn’t feel right about that amount for materials so he said it was for that and tobpay his guys. I only did half of the down payment and he was late coming the next day and he had an older guy with him that was cripple and didnu2019t look like he was not capable of doing any house work. I ask him where was the material and the workers he said he needed more money and I said I was not giving any more and I rather cancel the service something didnu2019t seem right. I asked him to give me the check back for the partial down payment I gave him and he was in his car backing out before I could turn back around. He will not answer calls from my family and I and he sent lengthy text messages about how he was going to give the money back but is now nowhere to be found. He was using the money to complete another job he said he needed to get a refund from homedepot and it will take 3 to 4 days before itu2019s back on his card. He then text and said his accountant and attorney will contact me for the pickup of my money.

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