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Walmart care plan

Walmart care plan Asurion Scam!!!! Tennessee!!. I purchased a cell phone from Walmart on 10/13/2019 along with the Walmart care plan insurance. My phone stopped working so I filed a claim with Walmart care plan insurance and received a shipping label to mail the phone to them. Their policy states 3 days for reinbersument. I shipped the phone on 11/02/2019 which cost me another $6.00. I was told by Walmart care plan rep that there would not be a charge to ship it! That was the 1st lie. After 3 days I hadn’t received an update so I contacted them and they said I would receive an egift card within 25-72hrs. 2nd lie! I called back and was told they hadn’t received the phone yet. This is 6 days into the process. I waited 2 days more and called back and was told that the phone was received but sent to the salvage department and it would take 5 more days. So of course I waited and still received an update. So I called back and was told it was proceed and I would receive payment within 24-48 hrs! Another lie! So again I called back and spoke with Nancy a manager who said that I would be receiving payment within 2 days! Yet again a LIE! So I called back 11/17/2019 and was told the phone was just processed and I would receive payment within 24-72hrs! By this point I’m fed up with the lies and another manager Olivia gets on the phone and says it was processed on 11/15/2019 and I would receive payment by 11/18/2017. I told her I have been given the same 24-72hr speech every time I have called and then she says well our systems have been down and there have been delays and my claim was one of them. So I asked her why they kept lying to me instead of just saying that from the beginning. She replied that they aren’t suppose to give out that information. I guess it’s better to lie to your customers! She said we really don’t know when you will receive reinbersument! But don’t forget they guarantee within 3 days reimbursement! Such a waste of time and money!!! I do not recommend anyone to purchase there care plan because you will be lied to constantly and you will never receive your money or product back!!!!!

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