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Do not even think of going to Wallstreet Realty.

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24 September 2019

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I did not have nearly enough idea regarding the field and therefore I did a google search for reputed real estate firms. After going through a long list of results, I came across Wallstreet’s Realty. The website seemed quite helpful. I saw several available options. I did not want to simply scroll through properties without getting opinions from experts in the field and therefore I decided to go to their office to have a proper conversation regarding the matter. It took me some time to reach the place as the number on the website did not seem to have an active customer service executive on the other side. After many tries, I got lucky and my call was finally picked up. An appointment was scheduled.
I reached the office of Wallstreet Realty. I was told to wait for some time. Although the office was designed properly, there was a certain kind of foul smell in the air. After a while, I was told to go into the chamber of the broker. I sat down and had a long talk with him. Although my visions did match the available property options, the price point was too high. The broker set aside some options which appealed to my senses. One of the houses exactly matched the description of the house that I had made up in my head. It was a beautiful 3 BHK house with an attic and a backyard. It seemed perfect. I was assured of the authenticity of the place by the broker. He seemed so much in favour of me going for that place. I decided to go and check out the place myself.
The house was not at all the way the broker had described. When I went inside, I saw that the ceiling was broken and there was water dripping from it. The paint had come off of most of the wall. The windows were scratched and one of them was even broken. In simple words, the place was a mess. I called up the broker that very moment and asked him how could he suggest a place like that. Instead of apologizing, he got angry. I vividly remember his reply – “Get Lost”. Surprising and disgusting at the same time? Yeah. That is exactly how I felt when I heard those words. I decided to find another firm (for obvious reasons) and never come back to Wallstreet’s Realty.
My friend also had a terrible experience with these guys. The brokers at Wallstreet’s Realty had taken a hefty amount from him in the name of ‘advance fees’. He paid up but he didn’t know that he was dealing with a fraudster. He told me all about it when I told him about my experience with these guys. His deal didn’t go through but these bastards didn’t issue his refund. It was a pretty big loss for him for sure.
If you want proper and genuine guidance to buy a house, I request you – Do not even think of going to Wallstreet Realty.

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