Walker Goldstein

Phone: 855-784-1456

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Walker Goldstein

Walker Goldstein Walker and Goldstein Walker Goldstein and Associates Katherine Ward, Mr. Scott, Mr. Petterson, Mr. Levowitz, Vivian Harassing and Threatening calls to SCAM you, family, friends and say you have warrant for check fraud or you own on 2011 payday loan and must pay. Also call from different local court numbers that are fax numbers but give 855 numbers to call back. Internet!!. They are using my local Clay County Courthouse fax number 816-407-3888 to populate on phone when calling to appear legit and ask that you call them back at 855-264-6512.For several months I have been getting calls stating I owed money for a payday loan in Texas and that warrant was being issued. They have called my family, friends, neighbors and stated I wrote fraudulent checks and that I had warrants, court documents, legal documents filed in Clay County against me. They demand money and they yell and scream at you until you hang up or they do. They call almost daily. I have voicemails of this. I have had calls from a Mr. Peterson, but he will answer and say he is Mr. Scott. I have had calls from a Vivian, Mr. Bartholomew who is also Mr. Levowitz, and Katherine Ward-she calls the most and also goes by Mrs. Banks. They also call from 855-886-3331 with ext. 302. They are also known as Walker and Goldstein, Walker Goldstein and Associates. When I told them they were scamming-they get angry and speak more harshly-calling names. Mr. Levowitz said he hopes my loved ones die. The latest court number or reference number given was WA74145. When I told them I was reporting to attorney general-they yelled that I needed to pay my bills and not write fraudulent checks and hung up. They ask for $1600, $1200, $1,000, and $1800 depending on who you speak with. Katherine Ward even said that they had were I paid part of it before but need to pay the rest and asked that I send in documentation of payment for what had been paid. I told her to send documentation of what is owed and told them to serve me papers now if legitimate.

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