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Wal Mart | Merchandising

I have often been in other Wal Mart stores and would like toknow how come they can be neat and clean with shelves stocked. I was at Unicity the other day and it was sorta the last straw. I counted 27 pallets down the row between womensclothing and the nightwear. That was not the only row thathad pallets, carts, etc. there was unpacked stock, empty boxes, all over the store. In the past when you asked for help you gothelp not a point in the general direction, what staff is there is trying to unpack so that they can get stock on the half emptyshelves. The seasonal area is a complete mess, I know it takesawhle to change but this is too much! I don’t understand whyno one checks the stores. When I worked retail we often hadvisits from head office, SURPRIZE ones. I am tired of having to go to other stores because of empty shelves and no help.

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