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Wage Works

Wage Works Unauthorized Deductions From My Paychecks Nationwide!!. My company uses this dishonest company, Wage Works, for all kinds of benefits to include health insurance, HSA and also for transportation. The problem started when I signed up on 12/06/17 to opt into its Commuter Program which I was told would reimburse on commuter fees like Metro fares and parking. Shortly thereafter, Wage Works took money directly out of my paychecks without warning twice. The way that they did it was abnormal for them: 1) They took money out ($510- $255 for metro parking and $255 for metro fares) on 12/11 after I signed up for it on 12/06/17. According to their reps, they are supposed to do it within the same benefit month (Jan 2018). Since it was not yet January, I was confused by how early they deducted my money. 2) I cancelled immediately afterwards and also put in a ticket, along with multiple phone calls. Shockingly enough, WageWorks still deducted the money again for that same amount ($510). When I called, they claimed that money is normally taken out on a bi-weekly basis. 3) That whole time, my metro card was never loaded up. In fact, I reported it lost and stolen, when money was deducted the second time. I filed a claim with WageWorks through the Pay Me Back form for a refund as some other reps had advised and they rejected my claim immediately, claiming that I have no proof that they took out money from my paychecks. They wanted actual receipts of the deductions. If I provided them with what they’ve given me – confirmation through email, WageWorks balance, and actual pay stub information – how can that not be evidence? Also, if the company does not provide receipts of those transactions how can we as customers, provide them when they were not provided in the first place? I was never given any warning and actual receipts for these deductions. To reject my claims, based on that, is d**n ridiculous. Note to Wage Works: I’m currently, at this time, working with my company to recoup my money. I had one of my company reps in HR put a note on my account to prevent more money from being deducted for no reason. I’ve been having high blood pressure about this whole situation since 12/11 when money was deducted way too early. Rest assured, I plan to contact the IRS and other government entities to recoup my money (well over $1k) from you.

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