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wadetrade.com wadeworldtradewadetradeimport/export agencybowden hall wadetrade scam Stockport United Kingdom!!. I paid wadetrade.com the sum of u00a3348 on 08/09/16, but I have been scammed or ripped-off by them as they refuse to provide me an advisory service on how to become self-employed or how to set up in business – and I only paid them the sum of u00a3348 to receive advice from them on how to set up an import/export agency but they are refusing to honour their advisory service contract with me. This opportunity appears to be recommended, but only by Wade or people/organisations associated with Wade who probably receive money from him to make such recommendations. Wade’s book doesn’t contain anything which cannot be easily found elsewhere, a good deal has not been updated to take account of the boom in Internet-based trade and they still refer to European country currencies rather than the Euro. Finally, the Wade forum is a waste of time and, worse, contains a number of scam attempts. I paid him u00a3348 because he said he would provide me with personal mentoring for at least 1 year after I set up my business, but he is refusing to honour this. Every time I ring his tel. no., he is just abusive and rude to me and then he terminates the call. The sum of u00a3348 is a lot of money to lose for one book, and I am currently un-employed with no job and no income. I don’t know what I can do about this bad situation. I am clearly the victim of a scam attempt by wadetrade.com

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