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Volvo Cars Marin Marin Luxury Cars Volvo XC90 Bursts Into Flames and Burns Down My Garage After Being Serviced at Volvo Cars Marin Corte Madera California!!. My Volvo XC90 Burst Into Flames and Burned Down my Garage After Being Serviced at Volvo Marin!On Thursday Sept 1 2019 I was driving my daughter home from gymnastics and pulled into my garage. While exiting my car, my daughter noticed smoke coming out of our other vehicle, a Volvo XC90 SUV which was parked with the engine off on the other side of the garage. As I went to inspect the cause of the smoke, I looked under the hood and saw flames shooting out from the engine block ! My Volvo XC90 SUV which had just come back from the Volvo Marin Dealer Service spontaneously burst into flames and we had to run for our lives.A three alarm fire ensued burning down my garage and all its contents including two vehicles, all our sports equipment, and memorabilia. We had been having problems with an odd noise coming from the Volvo, and had brought the car into the dealer for service 5 times over several months and spent several thousand dollars. Not only did the complaint not get resolved, but the car burst into flames while parked in my garage just a couple of days after our last service appointment. Despite my eyewitness account of the origin of the fire, as well as multiple fire investigators confirming that the Volvo was the cause of the fire, Volvo Marin has refused to take responsibility for this disaster or to assist in offsetting my costs for purchase of a new vehicle.Although my insurance will be covering much of the hard costs of this fire, I will be spending a year of my life dealing with the clean up, permitting, and rebuilding of my garage , damage to the landscaping, driveway and surrounding structures , as well incurring the cost of purchasing 2 new vehicles.Marin Luxury Cars and Volvo Marin pride themselves on taking care of their customers, and ‘doing the right thing’. Unfortunately in this case, they are not willing to follow their own motto. Are there other Volvo cars out there about to burst into flames?

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