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VizSource Rob Clasby The owner of VizSource (Rob Clasby) cheated me. San Diego California!!. The owner of VizSource (Rob Clasby) cheated me. This is embarrassing but I do not want it to happen to anyone else. So, here goesu2026. I signed a contract to build a social media website and app over a year ago. I drove to San Diego to meet with Rob Clasby in person. He seemed very genuine and honest. There were over 14 milestones with many technical terms. I went over everything with Rob, and clearly explained what I wanted. He also explained that all the work is done in the Philippines. I needed to pay a deposit up front and stage payments before starting each work order. The problem was that they started the next stage without completing the first. They gave me a lot of technical excuses (work not updated yet, waiting for Apple, blaming me for changes which were grammar and typo errors on their side) Whenever I complained, Rob told me that everyone releases their apps even with many big bugs because there will always be something to fix. Thankfully, I did not listen to him. I asked a friend of mine to sign up on his phone in front of me and it did not work. Needless to say, I was embarrassed and if I had released it to the public or even just to friends, they would have thought it was a joke and first impressions are very important. I would meet once a week and he would make excuses for months about why the project hasnu2019t been finished. The bottom line is that little is in working order and I have paid over $130,000. At this point they are over 8 months late from the maximum estimated time of the change order and more than 11 months from the original agreement. What I have learned since signing is that there are a lot of greedy companies out there that are hiring technicians in India, Philippines, and paying them a low price and making as much profit as possible. There is very little or no regulation in this field so they can get away with charging whatever they think someone will pay. Once they get you to invest a large amount to build the app/site, they can keep on making excusing and charging because you want to see a finished product. If you donu2019t pay, you will have wasted the money so far. Itu2019s like a bottomless pit. I take responsibility for signing the contract. Even though I was dramatically overcharged. However, I SHOULD HAVE A QUALITY PRODUCT THAT IS WORKING FOR THIS PRICE.

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