Viv3labs/acai berry detox

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Viv3labs/acai berry detox | Misappropriation of funds

I ordered 2 supplements that I believed to be free samples. After over 2 weeks I received 1 of them and was charged an additional $12.00 in duty. A week later I noticed unauthorized charges on my credit card of $130.93 x 2. I contacted the bank and cancelled my credit card and proceeded to contact the company that took the money. I still have not received the other “free” sample. I spoke with someone at the toll free number I found and was told that the money was non-refundable under the terms and conditions. What terms and conditions? I was told I had 15 days to cancel further shipments of the product after I ordered it. I do not recall reading that anywhere on the website and anyways, how sneaky is that when they don’t even send your order in time for you to decide if you want more or not. I cannot in anyway afford to pay these crooks this money and I will not rest until I get my money back…

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