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All of their claims are lies

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24 September 2019

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Vitahl Medical Aesthetics is an unprofessional medical company. I visited the office for an appointment and saw the receptionist having a smoke at her desk. She didn’t get up to attend to me and I waited half an hour to have someone assist me. It is no interest in the company to employ trained and pleasant staff.
I went there to have a laser treatment here and didn’t get the appointment and that delayed my time to have the treatment. Staff members don’t care for the client’s service and this isn’t fair to clients.
The conversations at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics are personal and no professional chats among client and company staff. I find that odd at the practice. Such discussions aren’t inviting to clients.
I had a scar and had it removed with laser treatment at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics and it wasn’t a successful removal. I felt weird with part of the scar visible. They don’t perform treatments with the utmost care to clients. I have part of the scar removed and doesn’t look perfect.
My experience wasn’t pleasant and comfortable at the practice.
The staff members weren’t kind toward me. I didn’t feel a warm welcome from the employees. I had no guidance of scar removal and no assistance in feeling good of the treatment I had. I wasted money. There’s no communication, no interest to client care, and no knowledge of using laser equipment.
I didn’t feel safe while the laser removed some residue of the scar on my leg.
My experience at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t get what they promised to me, full removal of the scar from my leg. It isn’t a professional work of art and I had no procedure done in this way with laser treatment. The team didn’t give me excellent results and I have no intentions of going back there.
I had no discounts and the experience isn’t for the lighthearted as I haven’t been during the procedure.
Doctors aren’t professionals they need various training skills to qualify for laser treatments. I noticed the staff are unfriendly and rude to clients.
At Vitahl Medical Aesthetics, I felt nervous and alone in the procedure. I had a painful experience and didn’t like the feel of the laser on my skin.
The procedure took place on an uncomfortable bed.
I encountered unqualified staff and had undergone a risky procedure with the team. This isn’t a trained staff or qualified staff to have worked with. I don’t think client services are a priority at this company.
I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to visit this place. These guys can put your well-being at risk because they don’t know anything about the procedures they perform. If they were truly qualified, they would have removed the scar completely as they claim to do. But all of their claims are lies!
The scar has affected me physically and I tried for another treatment but at a professional practice.

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