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14 October 2019

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One of the major promises made by any Vita dental  is the guarantee of the work in their surgery, with twenty minutes of their time. He posted in different advertisements that surgery can be done, within 20 minutes with a guarantee. This attracted many persons to their clinic.
There is an incident which my mother told me, which made me shocked but realize the reality soon. This was about my father’s treatment experience, and I was stuck when I heard about the rude behavior and the aggressive nature of their staff. They lack professionalism.
The promise is a significant fake promise, as there is no way of finishing. In twenty minutes, how can we perform a Root canal surgery?
The people who come to take at such clinics are mostly new to dental procedures. As they do not have much knowledge as well as experience, they try to rely on such clinics which give you huge promises. They do not have the responsibility of fulfilling even one of them.
The materials they use are not of a good standard too. These treatments are made vaguely covering the outlines of the procedures. It neither has proper sterilization nor adequate staff to perform surgeries.
The actual problem we had was the leak, which was never repaired, and that took a necessary amount for tooth cap, and they did not clean his tooth, or the cleaning was too low, that we had to revisit another dentist on the same day. They make high promises saying about the efficiency, but when it came to the real work its worst.
We finally decided that we should not revisit such kind of dentist. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money and time as well. Have thorough research before choosing a dentist for your treatments.

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