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They charged us for services we didn't have

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date published
15 September 2019

posted by
Christen Marten

I chose Vista Ridge Family Dentistry to do my dental checkup as I had a broken tooth and I do not know what the hell was I thinking when I chose them. I went there with my friend who needed a root canal. We both were unaware that we were asking devils to do some good. Hygiene is unknown to them. Like you are running a clinic at least you can do is be clean yourself first. How can you clean someone’s mouth if you have bad breath and cavity in your incisors? Being a dentist is not easy. You have to be careful about many factors. In today’s era, every business either related to a product or a service depends upon the customer service. Vista Ridge Family Dentistry has nothing to with customer service. I only decided to visit them because they had a good rating on the internet but later on I regretted the decision I made. They make a lot of claims. But since my last visit, all the claims they make have made me believe that I am a fool to trust their claims because I don’t think they even tried to fulfill what they committed to me when I took an appointment. Well, as I had a broken tooth and I was in a lot of pain so had to see someone so that I can be relieved until my family dentist returns to the town. But I went to this place and consult one of their doctors. The doctor asked to get the x-ray done and then she tried to sell me one of the services which I did not even need. She offered me a root canal too after working on the broken tooth. She had to implant a false tooth only so that broken tooth’s space can fill up but after the x-ray, she delivered this whole theory that the neighboring tooth is badly damaged and bla bla bla. I did not have the budget to carry out two treatments at once and their policy was not in favor of my insurance plan. My friend who actually needed a root canal did not get one because the dentist told her to get a simple cleanup and that would do the job for her. And the twist in our ‘remarkable’ experience is the bill. I had been charged for two services out of which I only had one; the tooth implant while the other service was the root canal which I did not get. My friend was also charged for the same services and she got none of the services. Those bastards had nothing to do with our oral health. All they wanted was money. I discussed this nonsense with the staff of this place but they didn’t seem to be bothered at all. It seemed like they have experience with such occurrences.
While leaving the clinic after a lot of arguments regarding payments, they started pressurizing us to buy their special products. They only wanted money one way or the other.

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