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Visions Electronics | Did not tell there is annual fee on their retail credit card

After harassing and push you to buy, they quickly ask for my driver licence and credit card for a credit check to see if i am eligible for financing. Without any experience of financing, I asked where to pay, how much i need to pay etc. The sales just said the statement would show me. Then the statement comes a month later, an UNTOLD annual fee of $35 was charged to the retail credit card. They are clever to cheat my money. I can’t get refund after 30days when i saw the statement. I would never buy at visions ever again. I should have checked this site before i walk into that black store. I won’t bother to go to that store and argue with them, their customer service is just the worst. I wonder if i can get my store credit/extended warrenty after 4 years; 4 years they may be go out of business due to bad customer service and dishonest sales rep. Advise: don’t fall for the cheap price on the flyer. There are so many hidden fee at visions, which they won’t tell you. The sales are just dishonest or else they are just untrained.

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