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Vip homes

Vip homes Home building mesa Arizona!!. 40,000 dollars gone like that. I am not quite sure how these people sleep at night. It is a family owned LDS based company. The son Warren whom was a Senator at one point, runs the sales. Evelyn is the wife and also runs the sales and Victor is the owner. On May 8th, we went in to design our dream semi custom home. They had us put $40,000 down. We signed the contract and then waited for a signed contract from them, as it was not an executed contract until both parties signed. Within three weeks, I kept getting calls stating I owed more and more money for closing costs as we already agreed on $80,000 towards closing. Things kept changing and I started getting bad feelings towards this company. It seemed as it was sketchy. I then decided to do research and there were so many people hurt and taken advantage of with this company and I decided I no longer wanted to build with them as these are not the type of people to do business with. I cancelled my contract four weeks later and told them I still have yet to receive a signed contract. I then hired a lawyer. The lawyer requested a signed contract. They sent her one. She then emailed them back and asked for the ORIGINAL EMAIL to be forwarded to her shown that they signed it on the day they said to have sign it. The title company said she did not have that in her inbox or her deleted email.. hmmm there is the first clue. Then my lawyer requested them to prove it, and they all the sudden had a forwarded email, which could be altered with very easily at any time. My lawyer then requested IP info and hmm what do you know.. their son responded back with some.. That is a little shady to me.. Their son is their technician to. At this point I already rescinded my offer and they are telling me I still have to build. I just couldnu2019t give any more money to a shady company. Then they also stated the reason that my realtor and I didnu2019t get a signed contract is because they had the wrong email address yet they were communicating with us fine through email. I am not sure how these people can take this large amount of money from a young family with kids, especially being faith based, however I know karma will get them back. $40,000 is a lot of money.. I understand that they u201call of the suddenu201d have an executed contract, however they NEVER started any of the permits, building, or even the design studio process. All they did was edit a design draw up, and printed a couple papers. I am not sure how they can just keep $40,000 from someone when they did hardly anything.. ?

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