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Village Inn Restaurants Review

Village Inn Restaurants

I walk in the village Inn me and my party around 11:15 am and I walk up to place an order with Aaron at the cash register and he stated that he would go get someone to take my order and that took 30 min for them to get someone instead Aaron taking my order in the first place so one of the host took my order finally and put it in and while im waiting on my food I notice Aaron was taking someone order mind you know when I wanted to place an order he had to go look for someone to take my order also what really tick me off its 12:45 im still waiting on food while everyone that walk in after me had been seated and ate there food and paid for there food and left so one of the host went back to see how much longer I had to wait for my food he came out and stated 10 more mins so 10 mins has past and I”m still just my waiting on my food so now I”m boiling pisst about the time I have spent waiting on my food and the customer service was very poor service I work very hard for my money and when I spent it with company I expect excellence service and so 1 I finally recieved my food one of the guys from the back brought it out to me and one customer that came in after us stated thats a shame they had to wait that long just to get there food Aaron and Meredith starting laughing I didnt appreciate that either I have never been treated that way a day In my life and I didnt recieve a recepit either after paying for my food it was thrown away. Please take the time to speak with about this matter because I”m pretty sure this wasnt the first incident that occurred at this store.


  1. Melvin Graffney May 25, 2020
  2. Katharyn Sparano May 25, 2020
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  4. Hugh Mittchell May 25, 2020
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  6. Kyung Ferriera May 25, 2020
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  16. Meghan Cohen May 25, 2020
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  19. Sheryl Rokos May 25, 2020
  20. Marilou Vitt May 25, 2020
  21. Latasha Raigoza May 25, 2020

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