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Vida Vacations Vida Lifestyles

Vida Vacations/Vida Lifestyles Vida Vacations/ Vida Lifestyles Vidanta Vacations Vida VacationsVida Lifestyles , Vidanta Group Scottsdale Arizona & Mexico Nationwide Fraudulent Information and Transactions CancĂșn Quintana Roo!!. We were approached and delivered a promotion and sales pitch for a timeshare/vacation package. We filled out the paperwork for the presentation and expressed multiple times we were not interested in purchasing through the presentation. After leaving the presentation and told our paperwork and information would be shredded, we received notification of 2 credit cards opened with our information and charges totaling $4000. We disputed the fraudulent charges and accounts were to be closed. We then discovered the accounts were not closed and charges were still active. However, the cards opened were through RCI which is affiliated with Vida. After multiple attempts to resolve and even receiving an email that Vida had refunded the charges and corrected everything, it is still not resolved, our credit score has been destroyed, and now RCI is sending credit collectors after us. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM VIDA AFFILIATES AND RCI! Both of these companies are corrupt, unethical, and have NO customer service! We would be interested in filing a class action suit if anyone else wants to join us.

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