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ViaSat Inc

ViaSat Inc LOW Quality Streaming Images JUST TO FORCE ME TO PAY MORE Fl Orlando!!. On March 3, I had ViaSat internet installed. It worked and I tested it that evening, attempting to watch Netflix like we typically do. I saw that the picture quality was horrible and immediately called about the service and quality. I found out what they didn’t tell me they throttle down the image quality of streaming videos for the package I had selected. I was told I would get “DVD” quality if I upgraded the service for about $10/month more. So I agreed to try it. Ends up “DVD” quality is very poor and the picture quality is so blurred, you can’t read words or make out images. When I called again, I was told that was meant for either mobile phone screens or Ipad style devices, not TV’s. So I immediately cancelled. I was also told that if I cancelled within 3 days, there would be no charges. When I called to cancel on the 5th, my service was immediately cut off and I was told I would be mailed a box to return the equipment. The box still hasn’t come. On March 8th, I received an email about being charged the monthly fee. I called back again and discussed I had already cancelled. The nice lady told me I was in fact cancelled and the billing was in error and I would get a refund. I also told her I was not mailed the return box. She said she’s ensure I got the box and it would be 7 to 10 business days. Today, April 8th, I still have not received the box. Today, I get a new email about being billed AGAIN! I attempted to contact them via the messenger app but was told I had to call the customer service number I had already called several times to get the disconnection. THIS COMPANY MISLEADS YOU WITH SPEED THEY DON’T DELIVER AND EVEN AFTER MULTIPLE CALLS AND PROMISES, DISCONNECTS SERVICE BUT KEEPS COLLECTING.

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