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VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players

VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players Leslie Gocza Karin Gocza Free merchandise scam – Feedback extortion Round Lake IL!!. In a three month period immediately prior to November 2019 an Amazon buyer purchased multiple items from me. The name of the online buyer was Leslie Gocza who owns and operates the Amazon storefront “VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players”. In mid-November 2019 Leslie contacted me claiming damage and non-receipt on many of these items. A review of all tracking numbers showed all items arrived timely at his door. When he was asked to open claims for all items in question he refused and instead demanded immediate refunds outside of Amazon’s required claim policy. When I did not comply to his demands he became beligerent and left multiple negative feedbacks on my seller account (* My-Movie-House-USA *) in order to get me suspended. He verbally attacked and threatened me to the point that I had to report him to Amazon twice for harassment. His attacking emails via Amazon’s communication system were daily and constant. I could not get him to stop. My account was suspended due to the multiple feedbacks he left for me which elevated my ODR. I made Amazon aware of my situation and emailed Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to get his assistance. With Jeff’s assistance the negative feedback was deemed inappropriate and unjustified and were quickly removed. That action restored my account metrics back to their original state and my seller account was reinstated. I immediately put my account on vacation mode because Leslie was continuing to make threats of causing damage to it again. I then began investigating Leslie’s buyer’s account for clue’s as to why he person chose to scam me. I soon discovered his seller account – “VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players” – and that he sells many of the same items I do. In fact, all of the items that he claimed were damaged and non-received were now for sale in his Amazon store. Although the account is in his wife’s name (Karin), it is Leslie who handles all activity on it. In the beginning I assumed I was dealing with Karin since her name was listed on the “Ship-To” of all of the orders. I was finally able to understand why Leslie chose to scam me – free merchandise. I was referred by a blogger on the Amazon seller forums to a site called “badbuyerlist.org” and was told to make a formal complaint for other sellers to see so they would know to avoid “VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players”. Upon doing a search of the Karin’s name on that site (still thinking it was her I was dealing with), I found her name listed twice by two Ebay sellers for perpetrating the same scam on that platform. I put a note on one of the Ebay sellers report page letting him/her know that I had also come in contact with the same scammer but that it was now being done on Amazon. Leslie found my note and began using that blog thread to verbally attack and threaten me. Please see the attached link: https://badbuyerlist.org/buyer/e9895efacb04668b2302e18d His comments have been vile, digusting , and defamatory and his attacks and threats against me warranted me filing a police report against him in my town as well as notifying the Chief of Police and Sheriff’s office in his location (Round Lake, IL). He began posting all of my personal information on this site to include my name, date of birth, address (including two former addresses), phone number, family members, the names and addresses of my neighbors, the high school and colleges I attended, my income and my outside business. He posted them many times while continuing to attack me and threaten to shut down my Amazon business. In this blog he has made many odd accusations against me – all of them untrue. He posts them over and over redundantly. During this time my Amazon account was still on vacation mode but I removed it and went live during the first of February 2018. Leslie was checking my website (mymoviehouse.com) and Amazon daily for any sign of activity. As soon as he saw I was selling again he began flooding my account with fake orders. Leslie is into pornography and his wife is a known prostitute in the surrounding areas where they live. He set up a fake “Ship-To” address going to a strip club in Las Vegas. I shipped the first order unaware that it was a fake order. When orders 2-9 came in I immediately realized that Leslie was scamming my account again in an attempt to get me suspended per his threats on the buyer blog. I canceled orders 2-9 and immediately reported Leslie’s actions to Amazon’s Seller Support Department as well as to Jeff Bezos. I then put my account back on vacation mode so that Leslie could not order anything further from me. Nothing about the “Ship-To” on these orders was legitimate. The contact person, address and phone number were all invalid. I made Leslie aware on the buyer blog that I knew he was the one perpetrating the scam and in the beginning he denied it but he soon slipped up and revealed the truth. I have taken many screen shots of his vile and disgusting comments about me, his attacks and threats against me and my Amazon business, and the sections on the blog where he posted my personal information. I emailed all of this content including a copy of my police report with the report number to Amazon’s Seller Support Seller Performance, Seller Escalation, Executive Customer Relations as well as to Jeff Bezos. I have been in constant commucation with Amazon since this latest February attack on my account. Leslie has accused me of many things on this buyer blog that are not true. I have had to defend myself, my Amazon account and my business on a daily basis against his unfounded accusations. He is using these report sites to post false information about me and my website in order to tarnish my personal and professional reputation. His latest attack is that of a July 4th event that will take place at my home. He is very vague and cryptic about the details because he knows that law enforcement in his town and mine are monitoring that blog so he is careful not to cross the line. As of this date – April 20, 2018 – my Amazon account is still on vacation mode so that I can protect it from being further attacked by Leslie. He continues to monitor my webpage and Amazon daily for any sign of activity. However, Amazon is working with me to eliminate any further contact between his account and mine. The original report stated (in part) – “…The seller posts buyer’s name and addresses on badbuyerlist.org to intimidate them. If you request a return or leave negative feedback she threatens to post your name and address online unless you withdraw the return request…”. That statement is not true. A full review of the blog site will show that I have done nothing to intimate anyone. I am the one being attacked and threatened. Further, Leslie was asked to open claims on all orders he said were damaged and not received and he refused. He instead demanded immediate refunds for each order which would have negatively affected my account metrics had I done so outside of Amazon’s claim policy which is why I did not do it. I repeatedly asked him to file claims and he repeatedly refused. I have the emails in the Amazon system to support what I am saying. I reported the negative feedback for removal because it was unfounded and unfairly given and Amazon was in total agreement and removed it. I have one recent negative feedback from Leslie that I have chosen to leave in place because I have responded to it and I think it is important for others to see. Leslie’s seller account – “VHS Tapes for VHS Tape Players” had has two other names prior. It was first known by “MovieJukeBoxReplay” and then changed to “VHS Tapes For Your VCR” and now this third store name. The first two accounts were under his name and were terminated by Amazon for multiple policy violations. This third account was set up using his wife’s information in order to avoid being detected by Amazon. He has also had many Ebay accounts: “buying-jewelry-4-donating-2-disabled-people” (02/10/18 u2018 Present) “your-compassionate-angel”(12/12/17 u2018 02/10/18) “first-class-jewelry” (01/28/17 u2018 12/12/17) “consignments-2-resell” (01/31/10 u2018 01/28/17) Each time he is reported to Ebay and blocked by a significant number of sellers he will change his user ID in order to stay under their radar. It should be noted that any and all reports logged on this site of any wrongdoing by me or via my webpage (mymoviehouse.com) and Amazon and the badbuyerlist.org site are totally false and should be disregarded. NOTE: The attachments are some of the vile comments and threats publicly posted about me on the above referenced buyer blog by Leslie Gocza. His comment style is to type in ALL CAPS.

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