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Vexwire - Bid Allies - East Hanover New Jersey

Vexwire – Bid Allies – East Hanover New Jersey Ebay seller bidallies Paypal account Bid Allies (bidallies) Computer hacking/ Identity theft/ Credit card~PayPal fraud/ It goes on. Destruction of property… Clifton New Jersey!!. My computer was hacked somehow by these guys. The hack installed half a dozen programs on my computer and took over my web browser. I immediately started a process of virus removal to fix it. Well the next day I was at work and I got a text from PayPal stating there was a suspected fraud transaction being attempted. It gave me the option to hit 1 to accept it or 2 to reject it. I hit 2 and then right away went to my online bank statement and saw there was already a transaction that had made it through. After going to my bank, talking to PayPal and leaving work because I could not sit idle while my life was under attack I went home to further look at my accounts. This is what I discovered. The hacker was in my ebay account looking at a few items like playstation cards and two cell phones. I looked at my purchase history and there was nothing I had order in it, but after clicking one of the phones in my item view history that I did not look at myself is was marked “you bought this item”. Looking at the item it was sold to seller bidallies then the other phone said the same but the payment was not made. I contacted this seller with the full story at that point with a charge of them being involved. Their response was only “once you receive the item we will send you instructions on how to return it” Well the next day they somehow even after I changed every frigging password and what not managed to make the second transaction go through even though it was flagged by PayPal. My computer is still unusable and my entire digital life is compromised. The only ones who stand to gain here is the seller. No other hacker would order a phone and send it to me…

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