Vet Sec Protection Agency PPO# 119701

Phone: 1.800.909.3628

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Vet Sec Protection Agency PPO# 119701

Vet Sec Protection Agency PPO# 119701 VetSec VET SEC illegally dispossessed me of my personal property. Glendale CA, NV California and Nevada!!. VET SEC acted illegally and irresponsibly when they towed my cadillac without regard for the truth or my chattel. VET SEC said my car was parked in the same spot for 24 hours, which is a LIE. VET SEC didnt even mark my tires with chalk before having my car towed away. Thanks to the security cameras on my car, my Sprouts receipt, and the log in at my gym I can prove that they lied and acted with total and utter disregard for my right of possession. VET SEC is a puppet of Sharon Erbe at Lakeshore Condos in Santa Ana, CA. She use the security company to harass me and other residents. I even have an email from Sharon Erbe to VET SEC telling them to target a resident by “watching out for her” and citing her if she is seen in the common areas all because this woman had 2 dogs and Sharon wanted to punish her. This company is totally absurd and the associates Jessica and Brenda Chandler are useless. They wont even return my calls. I will see them in court!

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