Vestris Vetts

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Vestris Vetts

Vestris Vetts John Joseph Vestri Paid $135,000 never received the Corvette I paid for Paoli Pennsylvania!!. This is an update to a report I filed back on April 10th 2017 on scam Scams. It seems John Vestri is still at it. FYI he filed for Bankruptcy on September 29th, 2016 thereby depriving me and at least 9 others of the ability to go after him for not diliveing the cars we had paid for. For detailed information on his past go to and type in his name as John Vestri with his phone number 714-308-3089 and see for your self the shady past this guy has. Numerous criminal violations and various address all over the place along with PO boxes. According to the information on truthfinder he recently bought some very expensive homes in CA and PA, one for $850,000. Wonder where all this money came from? Maybe from all the people, he scammed? If you attempt to buy a car or have one built by this scam man you do so at you own peril. Anyone who’d like to discuss my personal history with him may call me at 856-304-1035. I’m want to prevent as many people as I can from making the terrible costly mistake my wife and I made when we trusted this man with $135,000 of our hard earned money!! Bruce Clark

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