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Initially contacted by a “private investigator” threatening to call our company”s banks, vendors, neighbors, etc. in an effort to do an “asset & liability investigation” on our company. When asked who he represented, the “private investigator” became hostile, harassing and extremely threatening. Immediately thereafter, received a phone call from Vince Russo from Vericore who again refused to give any information regarding the alleged “debt” owed, became harassing and threatening to employees, contacted neighboring businesses when after calling the business 5 or more times in a row received no response. Sent e-mails notifying Vericore that any and all collections efforts must be directed through the mail (via U.S.P.S.) only, and that no telephone contact was permitted to continue. Numerous complaints already filed against this company all alleging the same business practices. Illegal, harassing, and unlawful communications continue still without any information regarding any alleged “debt” outstanding. No documentation has ever been provided regarding any outstanding debt.

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  1. Jeanett Nowling May 24, 2020

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