Vecto DOT # 2930071

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Vecto DOT # 2930071

Vecto DOT # 2930071 Jonas aka John Kaminskas Won’t Pay My Last 9 Runs Roughly $20,000. Chicago Illinois!!. Went to work for Vecto October last year. I kind of had a feeling something wasnu2019t right because he rushed me through the paperwork signing. When I asked for a copy of everything I signed he gave me a One Sheet Lease Contract and said he would email the rest. He ( John aka Jonas j, and some lady recruiter by the name of Viviana, knew that I have three trucks of my own. Including a straight truck that I wanted to drive if I find a suitable company. So I decided to lease a semi through him since I couldnu2019t find a good straight truck outfit. A couple weeks go by and I find a straight truck company. I gave Vecto my 2 week notice. A month goes by and even when I was returning leased Cascadia I still didnu2019t get copies of my contract. A few weeks went by and I didnu2019t get my last paycheck. I heard through the grapevine that a company can hold your last paycheck for 45 days. I waited until the beginning of the year to start trying to get my money back. Department of Labor told me because I crossed state lines they couldnu2019t help. Called about a dozen lawyers and they didnu2019t have a clue of to help. Even though I donu2019t have a membership with OOIDA, I called them. I found out through OOIDA that John aka Jonas is saying the contract ( which I never saw ) mention that I would have to pay recruiting cost. So ladies and gentlemen DRIVERS watch out for this THIEF. Looking like I got scammed out of $20,000 DOLLARS!

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