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Vbuzzer | I can not enter to my accountand cancel my account

I have open one week ago account in vbuzzer.com .in the begining was ok, i mean before in my account haven’t money.than when i put money first 10 $ after 2 days 50 $ than they blocked my account.I was surprised and i wrote help support several time, in the beginnig they send me one time only like(please downlouded from call.infi vbuzzer programm and enter with your password.)You know i belive them and i did so, but noting happen.again i couldn’t enter.i wrote minimum 10 times again still no answer.And i check from net about this company so many people comlaining about vbuzzer.com.Who will hell us I don’t no.I want contact with them, normaly every web company there is company contact number, but they dont have.what should i do???

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