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VaporLips Custom Box Mods

VaporLips Custom Box Mods VaporLips, VaporLips Customs Over Two Years and Still Waiting Canton (last known) Michigan!!. This nightmare has been on-going for over two years now. I ordered a mod long ago and it was supposedly shipped out after waiting a great deal of time. When it arrived, I was excited but the package felt a little light to contain such a box. I opened and to my dismay, I was greated to bubblewrap, a red ribbon, some wire, some cotten, and a tiny bottle of juice. I immediately informed the owner and contact I had been working with, David, at VaporLips via cell phone. I was so furious that I stormed out of the house and went to the gym. I came back and saw I missed a call from David. I called him back and explained the situation. I provided all information he wanted to know about the package and what was in it. Fast forward a little while later and an agreement (which I have all of the emails, texts, and Facebook chats stored) about a replacement box and an even better one for the inconvenience. I was given a time frame of about two to three months since I would be moved to the back of the queue. Now I should have been put front and center because it was a lot of money for an aluminum box with some wires and a chip. I accepted that. Time rolled on with no word, no responses to my inquiries, no answers to my text messages, etc. I was being blantly ignored for a very long time, practically over a year, but I persisted because I either wanted my box in my hands or my money back at that point. I was finally answered and managed to speak to David again and he explained that he had been scammed this and that and thought I was just another scammer looking for a free mod. So everything as far as I knew was settled that I would get my box. Ok cool. I even submitted an official order form for everything I wanted and even paid the extra $100 bucks for the better battery and the extra paint he didn’t have in stock. So I am now $404 bucks into this but felt it would be worth it. Moving along to months and months afterward, I would get updates here and there when I asked for them; usually if I posted negativity on the company Facebook page. Eventually on July 7, 2017, my box was posted on Facebook to show it off as being done and ready to go. I patiently waited for about a week for my tracking information to yet again be ignored and have to take to Facebook to get an answer. In August 2017, I started really getting pushy to get this finished so everyone could move on as agreed. I was often promised soon or the next couple of days it would be shipped out. I was even asked to confirm my shipping information … again. Now, here we are another month almost halfway done with yet no answers and no shipment. My posts continously get deleted and/or hidden off their Facebook to avoid the negative press to new or existing customers is my guess. I have been far patient enough and far more generous in my understanding and patience. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I am and hope this helps people avoid this company all together.

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