Vanguard Truck Center - Houston Texas -10111 East Fwy

Phone: 713-675-1515

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Vanguard Truck Center - Houston Texas -10111 East Fwy

Vanguard Truck Center – Houston Texas -10111 East Fwy Vanguard Truck Center Volvo Near Death Experience. Neglience. We could have died. Texas Houston!!. I am very disappointed that this huge reputable organization would have such horrible service. When I inquired around for a reputable business for repairs for my Truck this was the name given. However, the location on 10111 East Fwy turned out to be a nightmare experience. They have had my truck for over 2 months going into 3 months and we have had every excuse for the reason it is not ready. The bottom line is that this place does not value the customer. They have no working system for accountability and are extremely unorganized. The put wrong repairs on the work order and no one knows how it got there. They overcharge. They do not properly follow up with the customer. They do not properly perform repairs and fail to check their work and cause more damage. T hen make excuses as to why something was not done. They pass the customer back and forth and expect the customer to take the lead on trying to figure out why their unit is not ready. The management appear to just be getting a pay check only. They are not concerned with the customeru2019s downtime. Dennis and Henry lack leadership and organizational skills. They are aware of the problems but are not taking corrective actions. This location is a disastrous model for the companies brand and does not model the companiesu2019 mission. I trust corporate will take note of this and send someone to put in place a working system. The existing management do not have the knowledge base or commitment. They ARE creating many dissatisfied customers. Future truckers, if you want and need timely repairs WARNINGu2026..DO OT TAKE YOUR UNIT TO THIS LOCATIONu2026..I have no choice but to take this to small claims court to recoup some of my losses. We could have died. They did not use new bolts with the repair. The old bolt broke. The drive shaft came loose and wedged into the exhauste pipe. Had we been traveling at the posted speed on the highway we and others would be dead. Only by the Grace of GOD are we alive.

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