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Vancouver Detailing Plus

Vancouver Detailing Plus Russel Mac Karling , Russ Karling , Russel Karling Beware of this SCAMMER Dirtbag! This old guy is a Thief and a Convicted FELON! Vancouver Washington!!. I’m an active duty member and I wanted to surprise my wife by taking a used car i bought in to be detailed by this guy , contacting him thru his Craigslist Posting which is where he usually posts his ad to lure more victims in.His address is on 13002 NE 95th St. Vancouver, WA 98682.He demanded cash upfront and I knew right then something was fishy, but still had to pay him. He promised to finish the job by the evening and he promised to follow up with a call. Hours and hours later, no call , nothing! So I called him back to see if my car was ready and he said there were more problems involving the paint and I needed to pay him more so he can buy chemicals to clean it properly. I met with him again and paid him extra in cash. Next day I couldn’t reach him at all, two days later he calls with fake apologies of how sick he was and he couldn’t finish it but he was almost done with it and promised to get it done the next day for sure. Almost 6 days later I went over there to find out not that he didn’t even start cleaning the car, there were missing plastic trims here and there, seat bolts were gone and my car had an airbag light on plus and additional 320 EXTRA MILES on the odometer with an EMPTY Tank!!! Got into an argument with the guy and his so called girlfriend Tami Michelle Taylor both kept threatening me to leave his property , I then called police on him and had them file a report. STAY AWAY from this disgustin sob, whack! I can not believe the law still permits idiots like him to be out and scamming people every passing day for living! Do you reasearch guys, his name is all over the internet, and his mugshots are listed on every Fraud Department’s website. His license is suspended and he still drives around with NO LICENSE! This old b****** is a well known LOCAL SCAMMER and a con artist who makes a living by stealing peoples hard earned money! Put his name on Google and you will see enough in no time. He’s such a threat to our community!

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