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Van Housen Automotive Group

Van Housen Automotive Group & Mercedes Benz of Rocklin False and Misleading Advertising! Misleading Salesmen, Horrible Financing and Scam on trade int rocklin California!!. Randy Shomon, Andrew Ridge and Aaron Thetford mislead me on a car lease and refused to correct their mistakes. Mercedes Benz advertises auto and suvs at phony prices…….when I asked for a advertised “Special” Randy and Aaron said they do not really exist. I got a dirty, overpriced car with hidden costs ad a lot of water spots. They ripped my off on my trade and tricked me into signing their dirty deal. The first quote I got was $396 higher than the advertised “Special”!! I made it clear I wanted some equity on my trade……there is several thousands in equity, Randy said he would “Take it off my hands” and brought out another quote (from the mysterious man around the corner)……this price was $210 better, so I assumed they had given me equity on my trade to improve the quote so much. Randy also snuck in a $2400 maintenance policy by telling me it was just a “Few dollars a month”…….and then added some other garbage I did not want. He insisted on nearly $8k down on this lease…..even though the advertised special indicated a $539 payment and $3200 down. After three grueling hours of haggling, Randy refused to state how much equity I got on my trade……he said “Just watch the payment, I will get it lower.” He did get it lower, but decieved me into thinking he was using trade in equity to lower the payment. What he really did was “Set me up” by showing me the absurd quote, getting me all upset, then bring out the better quote to make it look like he had really given me “The Deal.” The finance guy Andrew tried to sell me more add on junk and refused to removes a $400 worthless add on by telling me “It’s in the deal!!??” Yeah……right? Everything is smoke and mirrors with these thieves. Aaron Thetford is Randy’s manager and asked me to come in to work this out. He did not offer anything…….he didn’t even have a copy of the sales contract to the meeting and insisted it was “Locked up!’ This guy had no intention fo doing anything…….and he insisted my trade in had NO equity (after the payoff)…..just as Randy had said. I told them both I had offers on the car $7500 over the payoff……..they insisted there is no equity. Thetford mislead me by insisting their is no net equity in my trade in. He did not review any terms, figures or concerns. He pretends to listen, but pushes you quickly out the door. Hey boys……..if there is no equity, then why don’t you give me my car back? I don’t need you to pay it off, and I told you so. You are liars and thieves………and you represent the Van Housen Automotive Group! I drove off with a dirty car with water spots……they promised to clean it up, but again, they do nothing. These guys are everything bad about car dealers…..they are unrepentant rats ….AVOID!

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