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Valley Oak Children's services

Valley Oak Children’s services shelby Wrangham altering my time sheet Chico California!!. I am required to send a time sheet to them . It was my first one I had filled out and there was some problems reading it so she decided to zero out my hours for the days she said she couldn’t read . I was expecting $425.00 and received $62.00. as a result of this , I wasn’t able to pay my 350.00 rent’ or my 60.00 PG&E bill this month. I feel that she could have called me if she had a problem or she could have sent it back to me with a blank one or she could have looked at time cards of both my Daughter and Son-in-law to determine the hours I worked . She had no right to put pen to that paper and zero out anything ! I can almost understand her being upset if it had been 6 months into it , but it was the first one . And regardless of I worked the hours so I should be paid for it. When I spoke with her she was not forthcoming with the information I needed to pursue this issue, and get the monies owed to me for caring for my Grandson. In closing I feel the need to add that, If I could care for that child without being paid I would do it! But I’m not independently wealthy,I even put my online classes on hold to care for him. I love him. But $62.00 won’t pay my bills.

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