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Vacaville Honda

Vacaville Honda VLADIMIR GITSKIJ Dealership Fraud WARNING ! Salesperson VLADIMIR GITSKIJ Vacaville CA!!. Get an inspection, just walk away. GITSKIJ VLADIMIR con artist sales man had taken advantage of my sister a month ago. He talked very highly of his retirement from corrections to enforce his scam on her saying yes to a broken down car. We are good people here in Vacaville for many years. She thought the car was nice until she called me complaining about the price and warranty including the savage title that he said did not have. Now she is stuck with the bill and all Mr. Vladimir said was that there is nothing he can do to change this. Can’t believe he had her purchase this lemon ….please be warned community of this scam artist man to walk away and check all conditions on whatever car You may think that if you buy an extended warranty for the car, you donu2019t have to worry about what condition it is in. The extended warranty company may not honor repairs on existing defects from the time of purchase. If you are considering buying an extended warranty, you should research the warranty company to make sure it has a good reputation for honoring the warranty. You also should look carefully at the terms of the warranty. Read the fine print. Sometimes the dealer doesnu2019t provide detailed terms for an extended warranty. That is an indication that something is wrong. Buyers often pay too much for extended warranties. If you insist on buying one, negotiate a lower price than the dealer originally offers. This man spoke a good talk and made my sister believe a lie! She had a low credit score and she needed a car that day…. Buyers who have poor credit ratings often pay too much for cars out of desperation to get some transportation. If you can get a loan ahead of time instead of with the dealer it may help you in getting a better price and lower interest rate. There are some dealers that arenu2019t interested in selling their cars for cash. You may have to look carefully to find a dealer that will offer a fair price for a car. You can get an estimate of a caru2019s value online at Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds. He told her its the best price for her trade and he kept going back and forth to his boss….. the monthly payment was even to high. Be safe.

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