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v2.com/ V2 e-ciggs, V2 Electronic Cigarettes Take money from bank account when items are out of stock, and do not notify consumer Miami Florida!!. I placed an order on Friday, 6/01/2018 @6;00 a.m., which had free shipping. They maintained on their website that all orders received before noon would be processed that day. They did not do a thing with my order until the following Tuesday, June 5th! When my order had still not arrived by the 15th, I grew concerned and instituted a “chat: via their website, which put me in touch with “Fernando”, one of the most disinterested people on the planet. Not only did he not care that 2 weeks had passed, but no matter who I spoke with, they would not care either. I received my order on June 19th. On July 4th, I placed an order. I checked on it yesterday, July 13, 2018. The order had not been processed! I was told by “John” that they had sent an email. The only communication I received advised me that the order had been processed on July 6 2018 and had been mailed. The order would be delayed because they were out of stock on 1 item. Instead of sending me what I had paid for, they would just hold payment they had taken from my bank account, and mail it together, but they could not tell me when that might be! I cancelled the order, and suddenly, John tells me that the shipment was supposed to go out today. I suggested that since they had been remiss with my order and taken money out, they should pay for overnight delivery. No, they would do nothing, and I reiterated that the order should be cancelled. Then after I asked how long it will take them to reimburse my bank account, he tells me about 3 days, but I saw the site says a week! A WEEK! They took it out easily enough, why would it take 1 week to even make contact with my bank. I find it outrageous that they kept my payment instead of sending it back and mailing me the part of my order it did have. I want my return money today. Why should I have to wait for them to “process” it? They did wait for me to make payment. Why should the consumer wait for them?

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