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usgovtauctions.org88 husband saw this on a site and at the time was looking for a vehicle and ask me to sign up it was only1.00 and could be canceled anytime with in a month.I tried to cancel and their was no where to do it so I watched my bank statement and they charge me 39.80 without my ok and this has been going on for 2-3 years because of no where to cancel. called my bank and they couldn’t do anything for me as far as canceling and I did put a stop payment on it once thinking they would take the hint but to no avail. I check my statement every month thinking it will stop but it doesn’t . So I’m out 1500.00 dollars and still counting if these people could be tracked down and procecuted that would be great and to get MY MONEY BACK PLUS WHOEVER ELSE THEY scammed. i DON’T KNOW Internet!!. signed up for a month of usgovt auctions.org88 for 1.00 and for the past 2-3 years there has been 39.80 deducted from my bank acct .tried to cancel and couldn’t no address’ no phone number to contact them need this ended bank couldn’t do anything for me said i needed to contact company did a stop payment on them and they still didn’t take the hint I didn’t want it anymore. I would like to just have my money returned and that of anyone else they scammed . sharon , Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

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