Phone: 1-800-766-3425

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews) Thieves without morals! Simi Valley California!!. I contacted this company via a referral after posting an ad to sell 24 business phones that my church no longer was using. I received a purchase order offering me $200 which I agreed to. They ( also emailed me asking for shipping info., (weight, size,etc.) I packaged, shipped the phones on 2/10 of this year and they received them on the 15th. Long story short after NO PAYMENT RECEIVED… they no longer answer, emails from me, are rude and nonchalant when contacting them by phone. Call them 1st… if you have any doubts about this report and you’ll see that the website is there best tool because these thieves have no customer service skills beyond robbing you! A measly $200 for phones they will market and sell for a $2200 profit beyond stealing from my Church which I detest more than anything. I will proceed further to bring these criminals to pay for there criems and welcome your help, suggestions, etc. Mike Spokane Valley, WA

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