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USA Leasing Solution

USA Leasing Solution ITM Leasing Company Tried to scam me New York City New York!!. ITM Leasing Company (likely aka USA Leasing Solutions) sent me an email today using the name “Elsie Cohen” ([email protected]), asking me to call (347) 316-8010 for “additional information” regarding a “Project Manager” position paying 93K, and absent a URL. On Google, I found the company ( and can confirm that this site is where this scam originates from due to the matching telephone contact number. The email tipped me off immediately with the first sentence: “Let me introduce myself….we are a European company,” followed with the usual crap about “expanding offices, etc.,” followed by the predictable minimal qualifications necessary for the job. I am embarrassed to note that, after I looked them up online, I was tempted to consider their legitimacy because their website is EXTREMELY convincing, very well-built, and cites legitimate companies as “clients.” Also, the English in both the email and on the website is nearly flawless. It even has an application page which, if it does not tip you off, it should, because the entire applications consists of basic data entry for your contact information and does not query beyond your current employer. When I called, I immediately knew it was a scam because the call went to a very poor quality voicemail, in which a male voice indicated that they were “busy” (in the middle of the workday) and that someone would call me back. I am a first-time user at scamscams and am posting this warning because this particular scam is BY FAR the most convincing that I have ever run across. Don’t fall for it. Unfortunately, the scammers are overseas (of course) and are taking advantage of their location outside US jurisidiction to evade any legal liability. Two things to sum up: (1) do not fall for it; and (2) more importantly, contact your State’s congress representatives to push for legislation to enable the USA to extend a long-arm statute in order to hunt down and hold these garbage pitchers anonymous. Stay Safe!

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