US Taekwondo Academy Allen Texas

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US Taekwondo Academy Allen Texas

US Taekwondo Academy Allen Texas Deceptive sales practices allen Texas!!. Deceptive sales prcatices, makes you sign what he leads you to believe is a EFT agreement. I only signed because after a lenghty sales pitch and all these phony promises he said this is what he thought was best for my son and I. There was no mention of a contract simply a way to pay, just like you sign up for autopay in your utility bills. I wanted to withdraw my son and stop the payments and he said in a very condensending way and after three months of cat and mouse games that sorry you have a contract and you owe me so much!! I want my money whether you come in to class or not….. What contract and he pulls out the EFT agreement which shows no terms and conditions other than those of paying for services, in very small print. He knows what he is doing…..deceiving and tricking families into signing very hard to get out of contracts. Simply print it in bold and plain and simple english. Let one know up front the rules….dont act all friendly when I walk in at first and then pull the its a business and we have a contract card after. Has lots of families stuck with contracts they dont attend classes but he still takes their money. He showed me these contracts in his office proudly…… My son missed over two months of classes adn not once did they call to find out what was going on. But they sure were quick to take my money. Kids/Students teach most of the classes. In fact I am yet to see the ‘Master” on the floor teaching. Martial arts is about being noble and ethical they sure are not. Save your money and go elsewhere!!

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