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us department of education

us department of education Department of education frauduantly took my money , they knew name of school, gonna tell me cause i didnt right on form they kept my tax money ,and the thing was i only have a ged, made me burn my gas out running around sending them all kind of documents,andtook from feb to august to decide oh we keeping her money. greenville, Texas!!. my income tax was taken ,febuary 23,2017. so i go to irs and they tell me department of education ,has taken a big portion of my money, so i called and the chase began, i kept being directed to there collection people ,at 8668872800,and even then they would say they have nothing to do with so today, i talked to a rep, on 08/16/2017. who sid oh they made a decion to deny giving your money back .because you didnt write schools name on paper. well if you already know the school , that was a piss poor reason, not to give me my money but there very ivassive. but was quick to take my there is no person there i can contact over two thousand dollars they think im gonna walk away from,im not and im gonna reaveal them for ther ridicoulous proccess. they are pushing and im pushing back i work really hard ,i didnt go to school, at university of phoinix, and im gonna tell anyone who will listen im want to pursue to the end, becuse this is crazy. they had a promissary note. that wasnt mine. 18:45:19 uploaded paper work comming as i find it

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