Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc. Mariana Saldana

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Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc. Mariana Saldana

Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc. Mariana Saldana Uptown Real Estate Group Mariana Saldana Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc Uptown Houston Mariana Saldana from Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc screwed me over and committed several real estate violations Houston Texas!!. The Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc or Uptown Houston, or Uptown Houston Real Estate Group headed by Mariana Saldana is a criminal organization committing many crimes in the real estate industry within Houston. First of all, this company is extremely unprofessional and will not treat you like a client. They will treat you like an old pair of shoes, and will not communicate well with you. You will have to stay after them. I flew in from Toronto, Canada last minute on a property that Mariana Saldana (CEO of Uptown Real Estate Group, Inc), because she told me a property was 100% available and said I should flight out to avoid losing the property to someone else. She claimed the property was not under any contract or anything. The next day I fly in and we go view the property in which I was ready to purchase. She let me know I would need to submit an app and proof of funds. Knowing my docs would take me a day or two to finish, I requested a deposit to hold the property so that no one else could take it away. She told me “absolutely, I can hold it for you for a week”. I said “deal”. When I finished that, she told me everything was all good and hyped me on the property.She told me she was pile call me first thing th next morning at 8am. The next morning I wake up, and hours ago by and it is 1PM and still do not get any call or reply to any fof the my text from her. I was getting worried. She then had an office assistant who wasn’t qualified or knew any actual information that could help me to just talk to me while she was going ghost. The guy proceeds to tell me that someone else took the property from me and that there is nothing they could do, and they refused to refund my deposit. I am currently in the process of suing the company, and I see online that there are many more examples of people going through the same problems as me. Misrepresentation of property and verbally agreeing to a deposit, but not doing it. Do not deal with these people. They are a bunch of scum bags pulling the classic Cololmbian sleazy business techniques. You will highly regret it.

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