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02 September 2019

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It takes a lot of hard work, determination and passion to fulfil a dream. And especially if it is of buying a new house. It does not matter whether it is a lavish one or a simple 2-Bedroom apartment. What matters is that the person can proudly present himself or herself as the owners of that property. I decided to move out of my parents’ place as I really wanted to be independent, and not be a burden on my parents. The first thing I did after getting a job was to look for a new space. It took me around one and a half month to find a place that I like. It was a beautiful apartment with 2 bedrooms, it was the exact thing I was looking for. It was a small space with two bedrooms, one kitchen, a bathroom and a small hallway extended to the lawn. I knew what I had to do to make the place mine. I also knew that I did not have much time as other people were eyeing that house. The next thing I did was look for reliable Mortgage companies. It took me less than a week to shortlist the names of a group of firms. After going through each and every option carefully, I decided to go for Upstate Premier Mortgage. Since I did not want to talk about such an important matter over the phone, I decided to go to their office and talk to a broker directly. After waiting for an hour at their office, a broker finally came, I told him all about my wish to take a loan to buy a house and I laid out every detail of my financial condition to him. After listening to me, he told me that I should opt for an FHA Loan. He explained to me what an FHA loan was and how I should opt for it in these times of ‘economic instability’. I was convinced as the loan did not require me to a huge down-payment. The ‘hassle-free’ documentation began. I would be lying if I told you it was hassle-free at all. It took me almost three times to get one official document verified. The list of required documents was really long and it took me more than four months to get them all verified. Although the employees and the broker himself were not the kindest people on earth, I endured everything with a smile on my face because I really wanted that house. The loan got verified and was sanctioned. The rates of interest, although slightly more than normal, was affordable. I almost had my happy ending when only after a month, the loan provided to me was withdrawn. I was shocked to my very core and since I could not pay the mortgage of the house myself, I had to vacate the place and move out. It was more heartbreaking than embarrassing. The worst part is – The loan got withdrawn without any prior notice and the reason was not even stated. I would strongly advise you not to go for Upstate Premier Mortgage even if you are homeless because it would hurt you more to see your dream house snatched away without any specific reason.

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