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UPS | Delays, Billing

UPS at a glance.After having about 2 – 3 parcels a month delivered to us we have the following everyone should know about UPS.1) expect delays. the drivers don’t bother leaving behind any notifications of “attempts of delivery”. they refuse to come up to even give the parcels. expect your parcel to be delayed or returned, at your expense.2) brokerage fees, extremely high. no more needs to be said. look at the other complaints and get a feel of the high dose they charge, be prepared to pay. (RMS is who they send after you if you don’t, apparently we didn’t pay a bill they sent; we’re positive this bill was never received; most likely because they were too lazy to send it).3) the customer service, try to schedule a pick up? nothing close by, since packages go to the main shipping centre for pick up, and not your local UPS (why bother opening stores everywhere? ). want to wait for a package? sure, 9am – 9pm. they fail to realize people have a life to attend to, university, chores, and a job. oh and by the way, on many desparate days I had family wait at my place for the package to be recieved as they said it would be delivered the following day; that day, waited all day, UPS didnt arrive. More references by other distressed UPS customers are found on Ebay Forums. How the company is functioning is beyond me.

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